On this page, you will find all the STARS Teach resources mentioned in this toolkit, as well as further resources to help you stay up to date in transition and retention pedagogy.

How can I create an inclusive learning environment catering to student diversity in background and preparedness?

How can I help students connect with support services at the university?

How can I relate the learning in my unit to students’ interests and goals?

How can I build a rapport and connect with students?

Other Resources

There is always more to learn in the area of Transition and Retention Pedagogy. If you are interested in keeping up to date and learning more about supporting your students, here are our top 6 picks of resources, publications and blogs to follow.

  1. UniSTARS – Student Success Journal (you can also follow on Twitter @UniSTARSConf)
  2. Transition Pedagogy website based on the findings and outcomes of Sally Kift’s Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) Senior Fellowship. You can also follow @KiftSally
  3. TeachThought (you can also follow on Twitter @TeachThought)
  4. FirstinFamily website (you can also follow on Twitter @Uni_FiF)
  5. CultofPedagogy Blog
  6. Edutopia (you can also follow on Twitter @edutopia)