STARS Teach Toolkit for tutors

The first semester of study is a critical transition period for new students here at Western. Your students will have a successful transition to university if we, as a community of teachers and professional staff, support them in the four areas identified below (McInnis et al, 1995).

You can start by watching this short introductory video about Transition Pedagogy.
Then, explore the areas below to learn what you can do to support Western’s students.

Academic Integration

How can we help students understand the expectations of their new academic environment?

Sense of Belonging

How can we help students feel a sense of belonging here at Western?

Goal Orientation

How can we help students build a sense of purpose about their studies here at Western?

University Identification

How can we help students to identify with being a ‘Uni student’ and becoming part of the Western’s culture?

Further Resources

Find all STARS Teach Toolkit resources in one place and explore further resources on transition and retention.